Friday, 29 June 2012

Liberty Dress Part 1

Liberty fabrics are clearly a bit of an obsession of mine, so I decided to splurge on this one with the intention of making a dress to wear to a family wedding.

The wedding has long since passed and the dress is still not finished……

It’s based on this Burda pattern and inspired by this gorgeous version I’d seen by Madeinamandine

It has definitely been a project of firsts for me.

I started by making a mock-up of the bodice. After two attempts I realised I really needed to make my first FBA.  I then made another two mock-ups with this alteration as well as altering the armholes, deepening the front darts and lengthening the torso.

 I really didn’t like the bubble skirt so decided to go with a gathered skirt instead. I trawled the internet for advice and then drafted out 3 rectangular pieces. I also wanted it to have pockets so used the pocket pattern pieces from my Beignet skirt.

The bodice is lined with light cotton and originally so was the skirt, but when I finished constructing the dress I realised I’d attached the lining in with the zip. This meant that I then had to hem them both together rather than separately. However, when I did this it made the whole thing too bulky.

I really didn’t want to rip out the concealed zip as I’d spent so much time and effort getting it right in the first place. I decided the best thing was to cut out the lining.

I was extremely nervous about doing this, in case I (once again) cut a hole in the middle of my material. The inside of the dress is no longer as pretty as it once was, but I am still glad I did it.

After numerous attempts at hemming, the dress was finally finished.

It was good and definitely wearable but the waist was just a little baggy.  I knew I really needed to take the front darts in a bit more but to do this I’d need to take the whole thing apart. I decided that instead I’d make a sash belt with the left over material. This worked fine, but I knew it still wasn’t right.

In a moment of madness I unpicked the skirt and the lining. Fingers crossed,  I will not regret this and finally be able to post a finished dress…….


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