Thursday, 14 June 2012

Hemming Hell

There are two things that I hate about sewing, hemming and ripping out stitches, and for me they go hand in hand.

I am nearly finished my first dress but have so far attempted to hem it 5 times and once again I’ve ripped it out.

I have tried various types of hems, and after making my Biegnet Skirt my current favourite is the blind hem.

It is a bit fidgety but it looks good and it hides my squinty lines. However, it doesn’t matter what type of hem I make I always seem to struggle. I waste hours trying to finish off my projects when it really should be a simple task. Desperate to improve my hemming skills I started looking for tips online.

I have now came to the conclusion that it’s not my hemming that is at fault but my cutting out!

Every project I’ve made so far I’ve had to shorten, and when I piece it all together there are always parts that are different lengths or not particularly straight. It’s never bothered me before as I always think well it’ll be fine when I hem it.

I really am an idiot sometimes; you would have thought I’d have made the link by now!

I will definitely be investing in a cutting mat and rotary cutter rather than always free-styling it on my kitchen table with my scissors and measuring tape. Fingers crossed this will improve my hems.


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