Thursday, 29 March 2012

That Red Dress!!!

Having attempted and failed to make myself a simple pair of pyjamas, I decided the best plan of action was to sign up for a dressmaking class at the local college. I took along an “easy” McCalls dress pattern that didn’t look too complicated. There were only a few pattern pieces, it had simple sleeves, a couple of darts, and a basic zip. So I was keen to get started, however, progress was slow...

Starting with a mock up, I struggled with the sleeves, and sewed all my seams 0.5cm smaller than I should have, but eventually it came together. My tutor had suggested putting in an invisible zip rather than the basic one and keen to learn a new skill this is how I decided to progress.

Feeling more confident and being frustrated at how slowly I was progressing, I decided to continue at home with the real thing. I cut out the pattern again, this time with the sizing alterations we’d made, sewed all my darts and fused all my interfacing. Now this is probably where I should have stopped since I hadn't sewn a zip before, never mind an invisible zip. I had seen a fantastic tutorial on Colette Patterns and was convinced that I could follow it.

To be honest I did alright, although the zip was probably a bit higher than it should have been. The main issue was that in my haste, I accidently increased the temperature of my iron and singed the entire back panel!!!!!

The moral of the story – I really should have waited until I was back in my class or at the very least have attempted it on something other than my final fabric first, especially when the shop no longer stocked it.


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