Thursday, 22 March 2012

Getting Started......


I am as new to blogging as I am to sewing, but the idea is to track my progress, successful and unsuccessful…

At the moment, I’m definitely leaning more towards the unsuccessful. As they say “practise makes perfect” so I’ll struggle on although at the moment I would be happy with wearable!!

I hadn’t sewn anything other than replacing the odd button since I was at school and I think the most I managed then was a pin cushion and a pencil case. I’ve had my sewing machine now for three months and up until recently I had made; 2 pairs of pyjama shorts, one of which are in the bin while the other have a hole in them, 1 pyjama top, the less said about that the better, 1 red dress that I haven’t completely finished, however, I have managed to burn the back while trying to put in an invisible zip, and about a dozen envelope cushion covers. Not the best start I know, even if my family and friends appreciate the onslaught of cushions.

However, my faith in sewing has been restored! Thanks to the wonderful sew-along on the Sewaholic blog I have managed to create and alter my very own Pendrell Blouse!!
I shall post some pictures very soon. :)


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